This is me, stupid excited by the reaction to my new book.

This is me, stupid excited by the reaction to my new book.

So far, the response to my book, Selling with Stories, has been really overwhelming – in a good way.

Don’t get me wrong. I really believe in this book.  I honestly think that storytelling is the key to successful marketing, no matter what business you’re in.

Still, it’s cool when other people say it. A woman who attended a recent talk told me, “I was so relieved when you said everything is in your book because I could stop taking notes and just focus on what you were saying. You gave us so much great information!”

On Facebook, decorative artist and fellow creative Kellie Hodges announced, “Read it with a highlighter in hand. Plan to read it again. And again! Great work Ann!”

Filmmaker and social media rockstar Michael Dougherty tweeted: “Finished @annbevans book ‘Selling with Stories’ and really think this is a must read for business folks!”

And last but not least, PR guru Shonali Burke wrote on Amazon, “I couldn’t put the book down; wait, I lie, I did put it down every now and then because she had my mind racing with thoughts, work I needed to do, and so on.”

It’s early days, but this initial feedback is so encouraging.

If you’ve read the book and you liked it, you’re my marketing plan. Do this for me: tell someone else. You can tweet about it, blog about it, or tell another mom at karate…every little bit helps.

Thanks, everyone for your support!  Here’s to more great ideas and conversations going forward!

PS: If you haven’t gotten hold of the book yet, you can find it on Amazon!