You know that kid down the hall who marked up everybody’s English papers?

That kid was me.

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as writing, it’s helping other storytellers realize their potential. I meet writers where they are, offering a range of professional editing and ghostwriting services.


I have 20 years of experience editing all kinds of content, including:

  • Fiction for adults and children
  • Memoirs
  • Non-fiction books
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Web content

I am known for going above and beyond to help my clients’ writing shine.

Depending on your needs, I provide two tiers of editing services: copyediting and developmental editing.

Please note, the rates quoted on this page are for works longer than 40,000 words. This generally includes novels, memoirs and full-length non-fiction books. If you’re interested in hiring me to edit your articles, blog posts, website, children’s book, or anything else that clocks in below 40,000 words, contact me.


Copyediting is a process of reviewing a work for mistakes and inconsistencies. When I copyedit your work, I will check for and correct errors in grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation. I will also check for technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, numerals and hyphenation.

But copyediting is more than a glorified proofread. As I review your work, I will also check for continuity errors and other inconsistencies within the story. What confuses me? What stops me in my tracks while I’m reading? What passages create open loops in my mind? Are those loops closed in a satisfying way?

I will suggest alternatives for misused or overused words and revisions for awkward sentences. Far from imposing my own style on your writing, my aim is to make you sound like the best possible version of yourself.

I have a lot of fun with my editing projects. Because really, besides writing, is there a better job out there?

My rate for copyediting is $4/page (1 page = 250 words, minimum 40,000 words).

Developmental Editing

I offer developmental editing in conjunction with my copyediting services. Developmental editing looks at the big picture. In addition to providing a complete copyedit, I will compose an editorial letter that addresses the overall structure and tone of your book.

  • Fiction/Memoir – The editorial letter will identify any specific problems with plot, characterization, setting, and point of view and will provide detailed suggestions for improvement.
  • Non-Fiction – In non-fiction, the emphasis is on whether you have successfully made your argument. The editorial letter will address any issues related to organization, author credibility, and any supporting evidence you include in your manuscript, with detailed suggestions for improvement.

My rate for developmental editing is $6/page (1 page = $250 words, minimum 40,000 words).


For those who lack the skill or interest required to draft their own manuscript, I am available on a limited basis for ghostwriting projects. Ghostwriting is where I write a work at your direction that is credited to you. This is an intimate process and I’m very particular about the projects I accept. I specialize in ghostwriting memoir and non-fiction. Rates start at $10,000. Contact me for details.

Author Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from a few of my wonderful writers:

Amalie Jahn
Author of the bestselling Clay Lion Series

Amalie Jahn, author of the Clay Lion series“When I completed my first full-length manuscript, The Clay Lion, I knew I needed someone I could trust, not only to be the first set of eyes, but also someone who was going to be a fair evaluator of my work as well as a mentor, should I choose to seek publication.  When I considered my options, I knew Ann was the sort of person I wanted on my team.

“I personally consider her something of a literary genius and had prior experience with her fair but no nonsense attitude.  With her encouragement, I was able to see to the successful publication of my book, which is now an award-winning bestseller.  Without Ann’s conviction that The Clay Lion was ‘good enough’ and that I was ‘good enough,’ I may have never had the courage to successfully share my work with the world.  Partnering with her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Learn more about Amalie Jahn: Twitter | Facebook | Web | Amazon

Michelle Belfie
Author of Good Fortune Daughters

Michelle and Alice Belfie, Good Fortune Daughters“My mother and I spent 10 years writing and illustrating Good Fortune Daughters, an ambitious 300+ page narrative telling the true story of my mother’s French Canadian family, a cultural saga spanning wars, widowhood and women reaching up from the past to help others today. With a manuscript in hand and a passion to get it published, we knew we needed help taming the story’s many voices and themes struggling to be heard. We also wanted to know honestly, was it any good?

“That’s when we turned to the genius of Ann Bevans. It’s hard to imagine an area where Ann didn’t help us! She offered brilliant improvements for big-picture pacing and momentum, a tightened writing style, the elimination of excessive foreshadowing, metaphors and pedantic themes and a new, moving approach for the prologue that was less trick and more truthful. Also, Ann gave us encouragement as our story made her smile, laugh and shed more than a few tears for the colorful Lafortune family of seven daughters.

“No matter where you are on your writer’s journey—just getting started or with a manuscript in hand—Ann Bevans just might be the best investment you ever make in your writing and your creative life. She was for us!”

Learn more about Michelle Belfie: Facebook | Instagram | Web

Nick Macari
Author of The Working Writer’s Storycraft for Comics

“I’ve worked with many editors over the years. Ann is meticulous, beats deadlines, communicates, and generally goes above and beyond what you ask of her. Simply put, Ann is an asset.

Learn more about Nick Macari: Twitter | Web