Why baby goats, you say?

Well, why not baby goats?

Recently I had coffee with a friend. She asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I rattled off some things. She nodded and sipped her latte.

“But what do you really want?” she asked.

That’s when it got real.

Because I want a lot of things. I want a little farm set back from the road. I want a big vegetable garden and two female miniature goats. I’ll name the goats Frigg and Freya because they were the queens of Asgard.

Next to the goat pen I’ll have a carriage house with a big sunny room on the second floor. That will be my writing room.

Because most of all I want to write.

I told my friend this and she said, “Stop talking about those other things. Talk about the little farm set back from the road. Talk about the vegetable garden and your miniature goats. Talk about how you’ll write in a big sunny room above the carriage house.”

So here I am, not yet on the farm. I don’t have any miniature goats, but I do have a sleepy black cat curled up by my feet. I’m sorry to say there’s no writing room here, although my balcony looks out over the neighborhood pool.

And I’m writing.

More About Me, In the Third Person

Ann is the author of Selling with Stories: How to Attract Your Ideal Client with Words and Pictures and the co-creator of Bean in the Garden, a picture book and video series that aims to help young children be brave and kind in everyday life.

In her non-writing time, Ann rides motorcycles and knits unwieldy scarves. She earned a BA in English from McDaniel College, where she learned the Phi Beta Kappa secret handshake.

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