This about sums it up…

When I was nine, I wrote a poem called “Larassa.”  Unsurprisingly, it was about a horse I loved – a white Arabian mare with a turned up nose and a canter that felt like honey.

The poem was crap.  My teacher asked me to read it to the class. And so began my illustrious writing career.

“Larassa” is lost to the ages.  But when I think about it, the reason it sucked was because I wrote down all of the beautiful things about Larassa and none of the ugly ones.

Did I love her?  Absolutely.  But she was little and I was big, so I never got to ride her.  I should have written about that.  Because what you love, you cannot have.

The Official Stuff

I am an award-winning marketer, graphic designer and web developer who spent 15 years telling other people’s stories.

Now I’m telling my own.

I am the author of the upcoming novel, Ghost, as well as the Bean in the Garden book and video series for preschoolers and the non-fiction book Selling with Stories: How To Attract Your Ideal Client with Words and Pictures.

I also offer coaching, editing and proofreading for my fellow writers.

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