Aisaak Olver held one arm in front of her face as she marched across the desert. The wind pushed her back almost as hard as she pushed forward. The sheer fabric hanging from her slender arm kept the sand out of her mouth and nose – mostly.

Seeing for any distance was out of the question. But that was fine, because there was nothing to see. Just miles and miles of unbroken dunes and, above them, a brown-gray sky that masked the sun.

After many hours of opposing her, the storm finally gave in. Sand clouds drifted downward, falling noiselessly against the dunes. Then the stars appeared, slowly at first, but in ever-increasing numbers. Aisaak paused just long enough to check her course, then pressed onward.

She reached the settlement just as the planet Haloth appeared on the southern horizon. Perhaps settlement was too strong a word. Grelfast was merely a loose gathering of hard men and harder women who sailed the ever-changing dunes of  like sailors on a fitful sea.

Nights were cold in the desert, and Aisaak pulled her cloak tighter as she neared the square. Jennix was waiting for her, warming her hands at the fire. “I see you made it through the storm,” she said.

“Of course. There was little time to waste.”

“That wind was fierce. It could have blown you half way to Anbuburn.”

“Yet I am here.”

Jennix threw another log on the fire. “Do you need to get some rest before you begin?”

“I don’t need any sleep. I’m ready.”

“Suit yourself.” Jennix led Aisaak to the far end of the settlement, to the very last flapping hut.

Aisaak ducked to enter, then paused. “Thank you, Jennix,” she said.

The women embraced. “I’m glad you’re here,” Jennix said.

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