It’s not easy to balance writing with all my other responsibilities, not to mention health challenges. Autumn is traditionally a difficult time for me – I just don’t have enough spoons to churn out work at the pace I’m accustomed to.

Many have been asking about the status of Ghost, so here’s the story:

I finished my first draft and first revision. Then I shopped it to some agents. I got a lot of form responses.

I revised my query and tried again. Same response.

None of that is unexpected. Everybody gets rejected. But not everybody does what I did next.

I took a hard look at my manuscript. I decided it could be better. Way better. So I’m planning a total rewrite of that story.

Meanwhile, my friend Lance Amberose came to me with an idea. That idea became my current work in progress, Code Name: Supes.

It’s been really fun working with Lance on this new story. We have more than 20,000 words so far, and the word count is climbing. Not as fast as I want it to, but it’s climbing all the same.

So stay tuned. Supes (and yes, Ghost!) are coming your way soon.