Being a beginner is totally underrated.

Personally, I love being a beginner.  When you’re a beginner, you improve at a staggering rate. Just about every time you practice, you get noticeably better.

This is true whether you’re playing guitar, or writing blog posts, or riding horses.  It’s true of reading difficult books and learning a new language.  It’s true of everything you might ever attempt.

I recently started riding horses after a 10 year break.  I rode a lot as a girl, and again in my 20s, but I’ve been away for a while.

My teacher, bless her heart, has been so careful to tell me how well I’m doing. She says she can see my experience in the way I ride.

She flatters me.  I stink.  I know it because of the muscles I discover after each and every lesson.  The ones I forgot I had.

But that’s okay. Because I love being a beginner.