You don’t even notice me.

I’m the mosquito fluttering against the glass, up and down and all around, long legs dangling uselessly behind me.

There’s something in there, or someone.  A nice juicy person, blood pulsing hot and red beneath onion paper skin. But you are not for me.

I’m the gnat, buzzing round your head, dodging swats and shakes, desperate for a way in. Eye, ear, nostril, mouth.  Breathe me in, I don’t care.  I  just want to be inside you.

I’ve fashioned a thousand disguises, but none gets me past the heavy door to the place where people matter. I just go on buzzing my self-important buzz, so sure that you’ll hear me.

You won’t.

Seems time to face the facts. I will never become the person I thought I was meant to be.